Chiru daughter-run away bride – heading for divorce

Tale of run celeb away bride of Hyd – heading to divorce


The run away bride Srija – younger daughter of Actor turned politician
Chiranjeevi is once again in news.

Even before the dust has settled over her filmy marriage has settled
down over her high profile elopement and wedding with her class
mate Chiranjeevi’s daughter has filed a police complaint against
her husband G. Sirish Bharadwaja at the Central Crime Station (CCS)
police station on March 15 charging him of domestic violence and
dowry harassment .

In her complaint Srija said that her husband tortured her physically
and mentally for last few months for dowry even after she gave away
several crores to him and also several gold ornaments to fund his
abortive business enterprises .

“But of late there has been no end to his greed and it has become a
daily practice for him to get drunk and torture me both physically
and mentally ” she said in her complaint , said a CCS official
Sirish was now demanding Rs 1.5 crore more from Srija to fund a new
real estate business begin by him .

In her complaint Srija alleged, “He started harassing me after an year
of marriage. As I had married against my parents` wishes and for my
daughter`s sake, I remained silent. As Sirish is always expecting
money from me I felt insecure and transferred all my properties to my
parents. Later, the harassment increased and they kept a watch on my
movements. I tolerated all this.

“Recently during my cousin Allu Arujn`s marriage, they called me
several times to know my whereabouts. A week back he asked me to get
Rs 50 lakh and after that I came home and didn’t go back. My
mother-in-law was a part of all this.”

Acting on her complaint the women police station of the CCS booked a
case against Sirish under section 498-A (subjecting a married woman to
cruelty) of the IPC and also brought him to the CCS for questioning.
The sleuths have been questioning other family members of Shirish
including his parents, said the cops.

Commissioner of police, A.K. Khan, said, “We have received the
complaint lodged by her and we have registered a case under the Dowry
Harassment and Dowry Prohibition Act.”

The police said that Sirija alleged that her husband and mother-in-law
have been harassing her and had physically assaulted her. She had
recently re-registered all properties that were in her name back to
her parents’ name. “She has alleged that this re-registering of
properties in the name of her parents irked Sirish Bhardwaj and he
started harassing her more,” said a senior police official .

Srija had hit the news lines in 2007 October when the 19 year old had
ran away from her jubilee hills home along with her class mate and boy
friend Sirish Bharadwaj after a ceremony at Arya Samaj temple in
Hyderabad. Their common friends had organized the marriage. Bharadwaja
was in his final year B.Tech and Srija was preparing for CA. .

After the wedding Shirish did not take up any job. Bhardwaj is
currently a member of Central Board of Film Certification Regional
Office, that is a minor job , thanks to Chiranjeevi’s blessings .

Though the wedding invitations were printed on behalf of the boy’s
parents, parents of both the sides were apparently kept in the dark.
Srija had bluffed about her being a major to the temple authorities.
The newly wedded couple had taken shelter offered by some congress
politicians at Delhi and for hours were on road in Hyderabad till
they caught the evening flight.

Srija had said then that “We have been in love for the past 4 years
and decided to get married. I am 19 and Bharadwaja is 22.” Fearing
‘action’ from her family, she said, “We need support from the media
and the police.” She took the support of a local channel and also
police and congress politicians. Srija had charged her father (
chiranjeevi) of hiring rowdies to scuttle her wedding and had also
taken refuse under a Delhi court to ward off physical attempts to take
her away from her husband .

The incident had rocked and delayed Chiranjeevi’s plans for political
entry then and the actor had compromised with his haughty daughter to
ward off bad publicity. But the wounds had never healed and Srija
though a mother of a two and half year old daughter had not returned
to her father house even for festivals and events. Srija also did not
attend the wedding of her close cousin and actor Allu Arjun. Srija and
her daughter have been spotted at recent events without Sirish.

Mega Star turned politician Chiranjeevi will have to live with two
Unfulfilled ambitions or dreams.

One was to repeat the NTR act and capture power in Andhra Pradesh
with his film industry driven Prapa Rajyam and second was to
ensure that youngest daughter Srija did another Saina act as a
national badminton player .

While he openly admits his failure in public life – of catapulting his
party- PRP he is yet to come to terms with what happened in case of
his daughter .

Chiranjeevi who doted his second daughter was said to be a regular at
the Lal Bahadur stadium – in door stadium for tennis in those days of
2007 when Srija gave him the slip and ran away from home. Yesterday
he was very nostalgic of those turbulent hours on October 17th, 2007
when Srija went missing and became a run-away bride with her college
mate Shrish Bharadwaj and

Nursing the wounds of those days Chiranjeevi had told his younger
brother last night ‘ She may be mother of a two year old, but still a
child to me “. Chiranjeevi had opposed the marriage in 2007 as
Shirish was involvement in an earlier abduction case with a minor
girl in 2002 and the kidnap case was dropped after the threatened
girl failed to testify against him.

The tech-savvy Hyderabad choked up social websites on March 16th as
news of plight of run- away- bride steamed up to the horror tales
painted in her police complaint became public as to of how she was
hit , head banged , fisti fights and mother-in-law torture etc and
finally exit to her mothers home ..

One entry on her Orkut wall had a philanthropic note that ‘ she (
he) who rises like a rocket also falls like one “. More incisive was
her repartee during a valentine day chat on a local channel that ‘
I am too messed with my life and do not wish to talk anything on
love etc’ .

But hardly a fortnight after the valentine day Srija turned up at a
cock tail party thrown by Shirish to announce his new job –
Hyderabad franchise of Goa-based event management company, Tito’s
Global Events in which many telugu screen names dropped by and
wished her luck. Perhaps that was the last public appearance as
apparently the issued snow balled later to the present status .

Industry sources claimed that the fact of their marriage being on
rocks was not longer a secret. On many occasions in the last two years
both were seen publicly fighting and screaming at each other. During
the launch event of her brother Ram Charan’s movie – Magadhira –
shirish had picked up a fight over being seated in a corner

Though chiranjeevi never accepted her marriage he did not fail in
providing for Srija, what ever he had in mind, if her wedding was as
per his choice etc. He gave away properties worth Rs.150 crore
including one prime asset in Hyderabad and also almost two kgs of gold
in ornaments, most of which have been mortgaged by Shirish for his new
venture with Goa Company. The rift has now widened and come to a
climax when he demanded more funds which she refused.

Hyderabad Police have given a clear indication that both Shirish and
his mother would be first to be arrested but could be bailed after few
days. It appears that congress man Friday in charge of AP, Gulam Nabi
Azad had phoned up Chiranjeevi and sought to know how he wanted the
issue to be handled.

Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy also offered all help to ensure
that there would not be much of publicity etc .Chiranjeevi is now part
of the Congress combine in the state which now included the MIM as
well and anothing could upset the applecart as his support is
crucial to them in the event the government ends up in minority when
Y S Jagan decided to pull the rug ..

Police said the complaint lodged by Srija was very substantiate and
they had questioned her for almost four hours to record everything
about Shirish and family. “Perhaps I was carried away by his hunk and
easy mannerisms which almost resembled as of my father – whom I adore
from my child hood’, she had said in the taped video clippings

In her written complaint, Srija alleged that her husband Sirish
Bharadwaj along with her mother-in-law Suryamangala had been
physically and mentally harassing her for the last few months for
money to set up business.

The 22-year-old celeb housewife also alleged that she had sent
several e-mails and SMS’s to her family members and friends about the
harassment. “Srija says that she put up with the torture for a long
time, but left for her parents’ house a few days ago when a druken
Sirish physically hit her,” an investigating officer said.


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